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 About Vi-STORE


Vi-STORE is a durable sheet metal shelf that provides additional ready access storage space above your visors in your Toyota FJ Cruiser.  Vi-Store is easy to install and ships with necessary hardware and instructions.    


The Vi-Store includes a center support to provide extra stablity. 


The Vi-Store shelf includes retaining edges on the front and back to ensure items remain on the shelf during acceleration, sudden stops, and turns. 


 You will need the pictured tools to complete the job. Hardware package is provided for installation:


Anchors are rated to hold up to 124lbs. and are very easy to install.

Satin black


The Vi-Store fits perfectly above the existing visors providing ample storage space for all your needs.


The Vi-Store comes is only available in Black at this time.

Installation of the Vi-Store is very simple and provides for a stable storage shelf and professional look. 


Use included push pin to expand anchor

Optional: Paint screws to blend in with the color Vi-Store purchased


Please post your reviews and pictures on our facebook page!

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